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Posted on: August 27, 2021

Water Restrictions Update | 8/27/2021


Update - 8/27/2021

What is the expected timeline for Stage 2 restrictions?

Liberty Hill is anticipated to remain in Stage 2 until November. The timeline could be shorter if short-term plans are completed successfully before then. It could also be longer if there are unforeseen circumstances.

What is the big picture that caused Liberty Hill to enter Stage 2 restrictions?

It is typical for cities to conserve water during the summer months when demand is higher and supply is lower; however, two circumstances contributed to Liberty Hill's need to implement Stage 2 restrictions.

July 28th 

A breaker at the Leander treatment plant malfunctioned, causing a depletion in the water tanks. Although the equipment was repaired, water demand due to seasonal irrigation kept the tanks from fully refilling. Liberty Hill moved quickly to Stage 2 to limit consumption so that tanks could refill.

August 23

Leander requested that Liberty Hill reduce daily flow rates to 200 gallons per minute (from 300-550 gpm) to help reduce the rate of water drawn from Leander’s elevated storage tank, which is located in the northwest part of Leander and pumped north along Bagdad Road. Unfortunately, the residential and commercial areas in the northwest sector have seen reduced water pressures due to increases in water demand. The flow reduction helps Leander replenish its daily supply to maintain reasonable pressures for all customers served from this tank. 

What are the short-term plans to remedy the situation?

San Gabriel Pkwy Water Line

This Leander project involves construction of a 24-inch water line along the San Gabriel Pkwy road extension from CR 270 to Ronald Reagan Blvd. This will increase Leander’s ability to move water from east to west through their distribution system as needed. 

Bagdad BCRUA Interconnect Water Line

This Leander project involves the design and construction of a 24-inch water line from New Hope Road to Kettering Drive along a public utility easement east of Bagdad Road, which allows the north- and southwest areas of Leander to receive water directly from the BCRUA water treatment plant.

What are the long-term plans to remedy the situation?

Liberty Hill is actively negotiating potential future water sources within the area. This will reduce dependency on Leander, freeing up resources for both cities. Liberty Hill is also in the process of acquiring well sites for construction and assessing the option for a Water Treatment Plant in our city at some point in the future. The charts below show the current water supply vs. demand and the projected water supply vs. demand with the future plans in place.


 Water-1 (1)

Are we running out of water?

No. There is an adequate supply of water at this time. The restrictions have been implemented because there has been a reduction of TREATED water. Liberty Hill is actively monitoring growth and implementing plans for more treatment options.

Where can I find out more about Liberty Hill's water restrictions?

Learn more here.




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