Utility Billing

Finding the Utility Provider

Go to Public Utility of Texas website and enter your physical street address.                                                                          

(if it does not populate try only the Street/Town then select drop down)

When the box appears click the circle on left then the page arrow on top – this will let you know your water service provider.

Setting up New Utility Account with the City of Liberty Hill

If residing in the City of Liberty Hill, click here to complete the Residential Service Water & Sewer Utility Application. 

For residents living in Stonewall Ranch, click here to submit the Stonewall Ranch Wastewater Service Application. 

The following subdivisions have wastewater provided by City of Liberty Hill, however you will set up your billing account with City of Georgetown (This will cover water AND sewer).

City of Georgetown

Customer Care at 512-930-3640 or customercare@georgetown.org

  • Orchard Ridge (Cantel)
  • Larkspur (Empress Tree)
  • Grayson Community
  • Rancho Sienna
  • Morning Star (Gaida Loop) (McFarland) (Otella)
  • Clearwater Ranch
  • Santa Rita
  • Summerlyn
  • Wildleaf (Deserti)

How can you pay your Utility bill online? 

Utility payments are accepted online. Click the link below for online credit/debit card payments. 


Utility payment