The City of Liberty Hill is dedicated to providing you the best service possible. Over the next 4 months, our partnered Installation Contractor will be installing automated Smart Meters throughout the City. With this new system, we will be able to provide you new features and tools to help you better manage your water use and save money.

We use the same metering quality-assurance practices as we always have, to ensure the accuracy and performance of the new meters. The main difference is that your new smart meter will automatically transmit to the City the reading displayed on the meter.


There is nothing that you need to do, your meter will be installed and the system will be checked to ensure that it is working properly. When you first use your water, you may experience a "burp" of air and some residue-at each outlet. If that happens, just run your water briefly until it flows normally.


  • What is a smart meter? 
    A smart meter is part of a system that uses wireless technology to send your meter readings to the City. All water meters are scheduled to be replaced with state-of-the-art meters by the Spring of 2020.
  • Why change the meters now? 
    The decision to implement the new system was driven by its ability to help the City's Water Department automate the collection of meter readings, provide customers with a better understanding of their water bills, and identify leaks that are responsible for losing treated water. Customers will have more control over their water bills and the City will be able to improve service and operate your utilities at a greater level of efficiency.
  • What are the benefits of the new meters and technology for the residents? 
    This technology offers more consistent and accurate readings and 24-hour leak detection. After installations are completed throughout the City, customers will have access to the web portal which allows customers to easily monitor their water consumption, compare current usage to previous periods, set e-mail and text alerts and set budget and conservation goals.
  • Do I have to pay for installing my new meters? 
    No, The City pays for the costs of the meters and their installation.
  • Will my bill go up even if I'm using the same amount of water as before? 
    Whenever a new meter is installed, either an automated water meter or a manual read water meter, there is a chance that your bill may increase. Many of the water meters in Liberty Hill are at the end of their functional life. As meters age, their accuracy begins to decline. The new meter will accurately reflect your consumption.
  • When will I receive my bill? 
    You will continue to receive your bill on the same schedule.
  • What makes "smart meters" different from the meters we have? 
    A smart meter measures how much water is used every hour instead of on a monthly basis. The readings allow the City to manage the overall system use and detect any problems, such as water leaks, very quickly.
  • What is the technology that reads my meter and sends it to the City? Is it safe?
    Your new meters use wireless radio frequencies - just like wireless Internet and cable TV - to send and receive information from the City. The meters and communication systems meet all federal safety standards and codes.