Demolition Grant Program


The Liberty Hill Economic Development Corporation (LHEDC) has established and funded the Demolition Program for the City of Liberty Hill. The program provides matching grant funds to eligible businesses, developers and/or individuals within Liberty Hill.


This program is designed to encourage eligible businesses, developers and/or commercial property owners to demolish substandard structures for future development or community quality of life improvements. The program is funded by and will be administered through the LHEDC. The Board of Directors has established the following guidelines.

ELIGIBILITY – Structures to be demolished will be located inside the City limits.

  • The application must be submitted by the property owners
  • Applicant must identify a plan for the cleared property, including, but not limited to:
  • If rebuilding, the proposed project must meet current City development codes and receive approval of the EDC Board for architectural design and landscape features.
  • If selling, the proposed site must be finished to grade and stabilized with vegetation (hydro-mulch, sod or equivalent)
  • If the purpose is to clear structures that are not in use and detrimental to the safety and/or welfare of the community the site must be finished to grade, stabilized with vegetation (hydro-mulch, sod or equivalent) and maintained to city standards and codes
  • If the applicant is an individual, the new construction will need to be completed within one (1) year of demolition and site preparation. If not, the owner agrees to refund the demolition grant.
  • The property owner must be willing to obtain and sign demolition permit from City and the grant application from LHEDC.

Qualifying Structures – Any commercial structure, or part of that commercial structure, which is no longer useful for the purpose for which it was intended and which has been designated by the community's code enforcement representative as detrimental to the public health or safety in its present condition and use.

Financial Assistance – Grant funds are limited to a maximum of 50% or up to $5,000 of the project cost.

The LHEDC Demolition Program is set up as a single payment reimbursement to property owners.

Grant funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis until total funds for the cycle are depleted. The annual funding cycle begins October 1st of each year and ends September 30th of the following year in alignment with the LHEDC's fiscal year.

No grant will be awarded for work that has already been started, completed or for work covered by insurance. The application must be reviewed and approved before eligible work may begin.

If awarded a demolition grant, any deviation from the approved grant project may result in total or partial withdrawal of the grant.

A LHEDC Demolition Grant sign must be displayed on the recipient's site for a minimum of three (3) months to publicly recognize the grant program.


Demolition Grant Application questions: Call LHEDC at 512-778-5449 – Extension 113

Demolition permit questions: Call Planning Department at 512-778-5449 – Extension 105.


For more information visit the guidelines and application.

To complete application online: DEMOLITION PROGRAM.