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The City of Liberty Hill launched the MyPermitNow software (also known as MyGovernmentOnline) on December 10, 2018. The software will enhance the permit application submission, plan review and inspection experience for contractors and residents through convenient online services. The website is live and available at the My Permit Now website by utilizing the Customer Portal and selecting Liberty Hill as the jurisdiction.

Users will have the ability to:

  • Apply Online for Permits (i.e. Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Fences, etc.)
  • Pay Fees Online
  • Submit Plans and Documents "Paperless" in PDF Format
  • Track Application Progress up to Permit Issuance
  • View and Print Copies of Review Comment Letters
  • View and Print Copies of Approved Building Plans
  • Request Inspections Online
  • View and Print Completed Inspection Reports
  • Receive Real-Time E-mail or Telephone Call Notifications When an Inspection is Completed

Please take the time to download a copy of the MyGovernmentOnline customer portal instruction document. You may create your free customer portal account if you do not already have an established account. The creation of a customer portal account is required to utilize MyPermitNow.

Once your account is established, the MyPermit Now software will allow you to begin applying for your permits online rather than traveling to a designated permit office. Please note that any documents required with an application, such as Architectural Plans, Civil Plans, Surveys, Development Order, etc. must be uploaded in PDF format when submitting your application.

When requesting inspections online, the policy will remain that you must submit your inspection request prior to 3:00 PM to have an inspection performed the next business day. Our inspectors will enter inspection results in the field to ensure you will receive your inspection result via e-mail or through the customer portal in near real-time.

If further assistance is needed pertaining to the use of the MyPermitNow software, please call the technical support line at 1-866-957-3764, option 1 for assistance. The MyPermitNow agents are available to assist with any software related questions.

Contact Us

Katheryn Mitchell 

Permit Coordinator
Phone: 512-548-5510


  • Commercial Building Application
  • Events Permit Application
  • Irrigation Permit Application
  • Mobile Food Vendor Application
  • Peddlers & Solicitors Permit Application
  • Residential Building Application
  • Sign Permit Application
  • Wastewater Connection/Development Fee